VIth International Science Conference
Coordinate Measuring Technique

Bielsko-Biala- Ustron, April 21-23 2004

Scientific Committee


Organizing Committe


In the Conference participated 64 participants, including 11 from abroad. Participants of the Conference representet Polish Universities (35) and Universities from abroad (10), manufacturers of measuring equipment (6), Research Institutes and Centres (3) and Polish industry (17). Participants from abroad came from Germany(6), Austria (1), Italy (1), Sweden (1), France (1) and Romania (2).

During conference 14 papers on plenary sesion were presented:

Moreover 32 papers in 2 sessions "Coordinate Measuring Technique" and "Micro- i macrogeometry of surface" were presented.

46 papers (39 in English and 7 in Polish) were published in Scientific Bulletin of University of Bielsko-Biala.